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3 Tips for Sustainable Holiday Gifting

Every year millions of pesos are wasted on unwanted gifts while tons of packaging waste are discarded in landfills. The increase in promotions and consumerism during the holidays have made this season a big burden on our environment. Here are 3 ways you can be a more conscious gift giver.
  1. Give something useful.
  2. Look for quality.
  3. Choose minimal packaging.

1 | Give something useful

It's easy to fall prey to the sale rack or to attractive things that look nice but have no meaningful purpose. Nine times out of ten they end up being thrown away or stashed aside. A little research can go a long way. Go ahead and ask the person what they want or need. If you want to keep the element of surprise, ask their close friends and relatives. Practical gifts may not sound exciting, but they're definitely more thoughtful, less wasteful and will be appreciated more.

Another option is to give a gift card. Compared to cold cash, a gift card of a brand whose products and values you resonate with will hold more meaning and shows that you give it with much thought.

2 | Look for quality

Choose things that are well-made and ideally from brands that align with your values. Consider the product's material and how it was made. Would you use it? Investing on quality ensures that the receiver will get a good use out of them and won't be trashed after a few uses.

ava and ava fitted sheet thick all around elastic full garter
Investing in quality means you don't need to replace it as often, less waste and therefore better for the planet. In photo: thick, quality elastic of a fitted bed sheet.

3 | Choose minimal packaging

Look for sellers that use minimal packaging that's reusable or biodegradable. While it's unavoidable at times, it's good to try to minimize plastic whenever we can.

ava and ava linens christmas packaging plastic-free
As much as possible, choose brands with plastic-free, reusable holiday gift packaging.

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