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Hi there, we're Ava & Ava. We're dedicated in keeping linens easy
and effortlessly better, because you and the planet deserve it.

Our story

3 SISTERS & a linen dilemma

A new mom, a sustainability consultant, and a mother of two working in hospitality, we're at different stages of our lives faced with a common problem—finding good linens in the Philippines to fit our modern mindful lifestyles.

We've searched everywhere, but found a confusingly limited selection, particularly for kids, and the style- and eco-conscious. We'd often resort to compromises—like sacrificing design or price for sustainable options.

Ava is the modern Eve, the first natural homemaker. We are a design-driven linens brand dedicated in keeping linens naturally simple, intentionally designed for modern comfort, style, and functionality. We've sought out the best organic textiles for our daily rituals, from keeping sourdough fresh to enhancing sleep.

Through our linens, we hope to inspire you to live more mindfully, find beauty in the simple and enjoyment in things we use the most. Enjoy.

Live #effortlesslyeco,
Addie, Almira & Angel

it starts with

the best natural textiles

We offer linens made from 100% organic Bamboo Lyocell—the latest generation, most premium and sustainable type of bamboo fabric, and 100% organic stonewashed Flax Linen—the most durable natural textile.

Fibers that come from nature are perfect as they are. That's why we only use 100% organic and never blend in synthetic materials like polyester.

We vouch that they're best for your health, too. We go great lengths to keep our linens clean and toxin-free. Our litmus test? We only use fabrics we trust for our little ones.

Continues with

Good design & craftsmanship

We celebrate our organic textiles through fuss-free timeless designs, and utmost consideration for modern comfort and functionality. All crafted with a keen eye for quality, always.

And carries through to

A sustainable shopping experience

Our linens arrive at your home with packaging that is intentionally minimal, sans plastic, and is recyclable or reusable. Even our gift boxes are designed to be functional and reused.

We try to minimize textile waste as well. Our fabric cutoffs are either donated to textile recyclers, or made into storage bags that comes with our bedding.

which all comes with

A fair price tag

By keeping production close to the source and skipping the middleman, we're able to offer linens that don't cost an arm and a leg. Because good linens are an essential, not a luxury.

A friendly service

Despite being online, expect the personal service of a local boutique. It's our mission to make linens and sustainable living easy. From product information and styling tips to keeping sheets white —talk to us! Reach us through hello@avaandava.com, +639178500331, or the live chat button.

good for you

Toxin-free organic linens for a healthy, natural home you and your loved ones can enjoy.