bedroom with navy blue accent wall

The Best & Worst Bedroom Colors For Sleep

Planning a bedroom color refresh? Ever wondered what's the most relaxing bedroom color? Know which colors to choose and how to incorporate them in your interior design so you can  doze off to dreamland easier.

Best Color: Blue

The most calming & cooling color

calming blue sky and ocean by the beach

Blue calls to mind feelings of calmness and serenity. A 2018 study, found a significant relation between blue interiors in a university residence hall and the students' calm mood. It can also slow down heart rate, lower blood pressure and breathing. In chromotherapy (the practice of using colors to heal), blue has been used to help fight anxiety and stress as it inspires a sense of calm and mental clarity. 

It reminds you of a beautiful blue sky or beautiful blue water, or the essence of a breeze." Jackie Jordan, Sherwin Williams Director of Color Marketing

Those living in a hot, humid weather can also benefit from the cooling effect that blue brings. 

Dark blue bedrooms sell more 

A Zillow study shows that potential home buyers are willing to pay $1,491 more for a bedroom with deep blue shades. It's a smart choice too—research has shown that blue bedrooms walls help one sleep longer and better.

bedroom with navy blue walls

Blue is the favorite color of >35% of world’s population (or 4 out of 10 people).

How to Incorporate Blue into Your Bedroom

Blue accent wall

Don't want to go all out on blue? Make a dull space come alive with a feature wall as the focal point. Paint a wall (typically behind the bed) blue to instantly create a calming effect to your sleep space. 

bedroom with navy blue accent wall

Blue bedding

An easy way to bring blue into the bedroom is to dress your bed in blue bedding. Go for navy if you want a deep, luxurious feel that's reminiscent of the midnight sky, or light blue to mimic calming blue waters and summer skies.

ava and ava ph organic bamboo lyocell bedding in navy blue and light blue

Other Good Choices

Forest green is the color of nature. It evokes tranquility and can help people unwind and encourage relaxed conversations.

bedroom with forest green accent walls

Light gray and white are muted hues that can be relaxing and create mental clarity.

light and airy bedroom with white walls

Worst Color

Red evokes a sense of alertness. This is why it is used in warning and danger signs. It makes people more energetic and excited as it raises heart rate and blood pressure.

bedroom with red accent wall

Red also stimulates appetite while blue suppresses it. Have you seen a food brand with a blue logo or blue restaurant walls? Rarely. These colors are great in sparking conversation in living rooms, kitchen and dining rooms, but are not recommended in the bedroom.

Living Room with red accent wall


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