The main culprits that damage fabrics are friction/abrasion, heat, harsh chemicals & UV rays. 

*Prior to 1st wash, carefully read the instructions. We cannot accept return/exchange of items damaged due to improper wash.

  • Wash inside out, separately (from rough/heavy items like towels, jeans). Close zippers.
  • COLD (up to 30°C), gentle cycle.
  • MILD liquid detergent or dissolved powders.
  • NO bleach, brightener, softener or conditioner.
  • Line dry in shade (best) or
  • Tumble dry on LOWEST temp. Remove immediately (or while slightly damp) to prevent excessive wrinkling from over-drying.
  • Shake out wrinkles between wash and dry.
  • Iron while damp or spray water to make it easier.
  • Bamboo: Iron on LOW.
  • Linen: Wrinkles are part of linen's charm! If desired, iron on HIGH.
  • Store in cool, breathable place away from direct sunlight.
  • Avoid plastic & cardboard which attract insects and cause yellowing.


why use cold water

Why cold wash & low-heat drying/line-drying?

  • Prevents shrinking, color fading, and bleeding.
  • Helps linens last longer.
  • Reduces wrinkles (less need to iron). Reduces energy costs.
  • Heat sets stains, making them harder to remove.

why skip bleach, brightener, fabric softeners, conditioners

Why skip bleach, brighteners, softeners, conditioners, fragrances?

  • Deteriorates fibers & linen quality.
  • Fades naturally dyed linens.
  • Triggers health issues like asthma, allergies, hormone disruption—esp. sensitive skin & babies.
  • Chemical fragrances provide no cleaning power, only the illusion of cleanliness.

choose natural and gentle detergents instead

Use natural / gentle detergents instead (better for linens & your health)

  • Natural brands: Wonderhome Naturals, Cycles, Human Nature, Nature to Nurture, Tiny Buds.
  • Common household brands are also good—make sure to choose gentle / fragrance-free / naturally scented variants.

good for you

Toxin-free organic linens for a healthy, natural home you and your loved ones can enjoy.