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How to Wash & Care for Bamboo Sheets

Caring for bamboo linens is easy and can be done with a home laundry machine (except duvet). Just remember to treat them as they were made—natural, no harsh chemicals, no high heat. The main culprits that damage any fabric are friction/abrasion, heat, harsh chemicals, and UV rays.

Bamboo Lyocell bedding (except duvet)

In a nutshell: SEPARATE/INSIDE-OUT - COLD water - MILD detergent - LINE DRY in shade


  • Wash inside out, separately. Separate from rough/heavy items (towels, blankets etc.). Close zippers. Use laundry bag if you must mix with other loads. Do not overload machine. This will all help minimize abrasion.
  • COLD (up to 30°C), gentle cycle. Hot water only damages fabrics, increases electricity costs and greenhouse gases. 
  • Mild liquid detergent, NO bleach or softener. If powdered, dissolve fully first. Avoid "concentrated".


  • Line dry in shade (best).
  • Or tumble dry on LOWEST setting for a short time. Remove promptly (slightly damp) to prevent excessive wrinkling due to over-drying.


  • Minimize wrinkling by shaking out the linens before drying. This will loosen up the fibers and creases. 
  • Bamboo Lyocell also smoothens out by itself after a few nights on them.
  • But if desired, iron Bamboo Lyocell on LOW TO MEDIUM heat while damp or spritz water.


  • Store in cool, breathable, dry place, away from direct sunlight when not in use.
  • Avoid plastic & cardboard which may attract insects and cause yellowing.

Bamboo-Filled Duvet

To preserve the delicate nature of the natural bamboo filling, it's best to have the duvet professionally dry cleaned. Commercial machines are also bigger, so they can thoroughly clean the duvet.

  • Spot clean stains with damp cloth/sponge + mild soap/detergent.
  • Dry clean as needed (1x a year if using  duvet cover).
  • Use of Duvet cover recommended—extends life and keeps it cleaner for much longer.
  • Like pillows, the best maintenance is using a cover, hang it out in the sun and shaking it out once in a while.

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