ava and ava bamboo bed sheet sizes philippines size chart

Standard Bed Sheet Sizes Guide Philippines (w/ Size Chart in inches & cm)

Choosing the right bed sheet size can be quite difficult as sizes differ across manufacturers of mattresses, pillows, and bedding. This article serves as a guide for bedding sizes based on the most common mattresses and pillows in the Philippines—Twin, Full (Double), Queen, King, Cali King. 

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Standard Bed Sheet Sizes in the Philippines & Tips on How to Choose


Mattress Size Fitted Sheet Size Flat Sheet Size 
Twin 39" x 75"
(99 x 191 cm)
70" x 102"
(178 x 259 cm)
Twin XL 39" x 80"
(99 x 203 cm)
70" x 102"
(178 x 259 cm)
Full / Double 54" x 75"
(99 x 191 cm)
86" x 102"
(218 x 259 cm)
Queen 60" x 80"
(152 x 203 cm)
96" x 106"
(244 x 269 cm)
King 72" x 80"
(183 x 203 cm)
108" x 106"
(274 x 269 cm)
Cali King 72" x 84"
(183 x 213 cm)
108" x 106"
(274 x 269 cm)
Mattress Type Mattress Depth
Regular 7" to 12"
(18 to 30 cm)
Deep 13" to 17"
(33 to 43 cm)
Topper 2" to 3"
(5 to 8 cm)

How to choose a fitted sheet

  • A fitted sheet is an elastic-lined bed sheet that fits tightly around the mattress. Due to its elastic, it can generally accommodate a 2" difference in mattress dimensions. If the fitted sheet has a deep pocket and thick all-around elastic, it can stretch more—accommodating up to 4" to 5" difference while maintaining a snug fit.
  • Slightly larger sizes are fine since the extra fabric can be tucked under the mattress.
  • 2 Twin beds is roughly equal to 1 King bed.
  • When it comes to mattress depth, premium mattresses can go as deep as 17".
  • If you use a mattress topper or pad, you can either count its thickness plus that of the mattress, or you can exclude the mattress and use the fitted sheet for the topper only.

How to choose a flat sheet

  • Flat sheets are bed sheets that lay between you and the comforter/duvet. They drape over and are tucked under the mattress. They serve as a protective layer to lessen the need to launder the comforter/duvet frequently.
  • Since it is only a top layer, a flat sheet is more forgiving in sizing than a fitted sheet. If you're only using it as a blanket, you can simply choose a smaller size enough to cover your body (i.e. Twin or Full sized flat sheets for solo sleepers).



Crib Mattress Size Fitted Sheet Size
Standard Wooden Crib 28" x 52" x 5"
(71 x 132 x 13 cm)
Playpen / Pack n' Play / Playard 26" x 39" x 5"
(66 x 99 x 13 cm)

How to choose a crib sheet

  • For baby bed sheets, the standard wooden crib mattress is 28" x 52".
  • Playpens, pack n' plays and playards (like Armreach Ideal Ezee Co-sleeper, Chicco Playards, and Graco Pack 'n Play) have recently become popular for their easy assembly and compactness. Their mattresses are typically sized at 26" x 39".



    Mattress Size Comforter/Duvet/Duvet Cover Size
    Twin / Twin XL 68" x 90"
    (173 x 229 cm)
    Full / Double 80" x 90"
    (203 x 229 cm)
    Queen 86" x 90"
    (218 x 229 cm)
    King / Cali King 102" x 90"
    (259 x 229 cm)

    How to choose a comforter / duvet

    • Like flat sheets, comforters/duvets are designed to drape over the mattress and therefore more flexible in sizing.
    • Solo sleeper tip: Choose a Twin duvet if you are a solo sleeper and don't mind not covering the whole bed. Not only will the smaller duvet be less expensive, but it is also easier to change and launder.
    • Have a hard time sharing a duvet with your partner? Choose 2 Twin duvets instead of a Queen/King, so each person can move freely and adjust to his/her own preference. Plus, Twin comforters are lighter, making bedmaking and cleaning easier.

    How to choose a duvet cover

    • A duvet cover is like a giant pillowcase that protects the duvet or comforter, allowing for less frequent cleaning of the duvet (just 1-2 times a year if using a cover).
    • Designer tip: Choose a slightly smaller duvet cover to achieve the thick and plush look you see in interior designer photos. Inserting the slightly larger duvet inside essentially makes it look fluffier and full.



    Pillow Size Pillowcase Size
    Baby 8" x 12"
    (20 x 30 cm)
    Toddler / Mini / Travel 14" x 20"
    (35 x 51 cm)
    Standard 20" x 30"
    (51 x 76 cm)
    King 20" x 36"
    (51 x 91 cm)
    Body Pillow 20" x 57"
    (51 x 145 cm)
    Bolster Pillow (Hotdog Pillow) Size Bolster Case Size
    Baby 12" circumference x 20" length
    (30 x 51 cm)
    Standard 22" circumference x 34-36" length
    (56 x 86-91 cm)
    Large 22" circumference x 44" length
    (56 x 112 cm)

    How to choose a pillowcase

    • Twin, Full, Queen sheet sets generally come with Standard size pillowcases (20 inches by 30 inches) while King/Cali King sheet sets come with King size pillowcases (20 inches by 36 inches).
    • For irregularly small pillows (such as Tempur pillows), we recommend Standard pillowcases with the excess flap folded in. Toddler pillowcases may also suit these smaller pillows.

    How to choose a bolster case

    • While there is no standard bolster size, bolsters in the Philippines typically have a 7" to 8" diameter (25" circumference).
    • A large bolster is longer and comparable to a body pillow.
    • Bolsters are typically gartered at the ends, allowing for some allowance in sizing.

    Ava & Ava Bedding Size Chart

    The size chart below lists our available Bamboo Lyocell bedding sizes (based on PH / US standards) at Ava & Ava. If your mattress is of a different size, you may refer to the next section for recommendations for common PH mattresses. Should you need more assistance, contact us via the live chat button, Instagram or +639178500331.

    ava and ava organic bamboo bedding and bed sheets size chart philippines in inches - fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillowcases, duvet cover, duvet, comforter. For twin single, full double, queen, king, cali king size mattresses and beds.

     ava and ava organic bamboo baby bedding and bed sheets size chart philippines in inches - fitted crib sheet for wooden crib 28 x 52 and playpen, baby pillows and bolsters, baby comforter, anti-flat head pillows, pillowcases and bolstercases



    Ava & Ava Fitted Sheet Recommendations for Common Mattresses

    Refer to the following chart for the best Ava & Ava fitted sheet size for common mattresses in the Philippines. 

    Recommended Ava & Ava Fitted Sheet Mattress Dimensions Bed Dimensions
    Uratex / Mandaue Foam* Emma Tempur Philux 
    Depth: 16"
    (41 cm)
    4"-15"  10"  8"-12"  -

    Twin / Single**
    39" x 75"
    (99 x 191 cm)

    36" x 75"

    36" x 75"

    39" x 79"

    39" x 78"

    Full / Double
    54" x 75"
    (137 x 191 cm)

    48" x 75"
    54" x 75"

    48" x 75"
    9" x 75"

    53" x 75"

    54" x 78"

    60" x 80"
    (152 x 203 cm)

    60" x 75"

    60" x 75"

    60" x 80"

    60" x 78"

    78" x 80"
    (198 x 203 cm)

    72" x 78"

    71" x 75"

    71" x 79"
    76" x 80"
    79" x 79"

    72" x 78"
    78" x 80"

    Cali King
    72" x 84"
    (183 x 213 cm)

     -  -  -  -

    28" x 52" x 10"
    (71 x 132 x 25

    28" x 52" x 4"

     -  -  -

    26" x 39" x 10"
    (66 x 99 x 25 cm)


    - - -

    *Uratex and Mandaue Foam have the same sizing as the mattress brands: Ambassador, King Koil, Salem, Slumberland.
    **For Twin XL mattresses, we recommend Twin sheets (39" x 75"). Our fitted sheet's thick all-around elastic and deep pocket stretches to accommodate the longer Twin XL for a snug fit—this has been confirmed by previous customers who use Tempur's Twin XL (39" x 79") mattresses.
    ***Our King sheets are based on the US King (78" x 80") mattress. Though slightly larger, our sheets suit Philippine King (72" x 78") mattresses as the extra width can be tucked under the mattress. Our sheet's thick all-around elastic will ensure a secure fit.


    In a nutshell

    Choosing bed sheet sizes need not be complicated. Fitted sheets should be within 2" to 3" of your mattress dimensions, or up to 4" to 5" difference if it's made with a deep pocket and strong elastic. Flat sheets, duvets, comforters, and duvet covers are more forgiving as they only lay on top of the bed. If you're only using them as a blanket for one person, you can simply choose Twin duvets and flat sheets even with a Queen/King size bed.

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    A sustainability consultant and engineer by profession, Angel is passionate about making spaces healthier for both people and planet.

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